The mission of ITU Faculty of Architecture, Landscape Architecture Department is to educate landscape architects, who are innovative researchers and designers, and who can play a leading role in interdisciplinary research and design practices. Our graduates value teamwork and can contribute fully, they follow evolving issues and developments in the landscape architecture profession and play leading roles nationally and internationally.

Our Landscape Architecture students are engaged in their profession’s ethical dimension and share our concern for the efficient use of resources, economic prosperity, and social justice as well as the conservation of the social, historical, and cultural environment.


ITU Faculty of Architecture Landscape Architecture program aims to prepare students for a professional career, built on a vision of landscape planning and design, human and natural sciences, landscape theory and praxis and backed by a well-grounded curriculum. Emphasis is placed on developing students’ problem solving skills during the design process and the application of scientific research methods; i.e. data gathering, analysis and synthesis.

The first three semesters consist of cross-disciplinary foundation courses taught jointly with students pursuing degrees in Architecture, Interior Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, and Industrial Product Design. The second half of the curriculum, in semesters four to six, is field specific. Since 2010 undergraduate instruction has been entirely taught in English. The undergraduate program has compulsory and elective courses as well as studios. We also organize many field trips both in Turkey and internationally, both in Europe and as far as China. Students have to complete 150.5 subject specific credits during the undergraduate program.


ITU Faculty of Architecture, Department of Landscape Architecture offers both master’s and doctoral degrees on Landscape Architecture. Besides, our department contributes to the Faculty of Architecture’s interdisciplinary master program on urban design.

The graduate program aims to educate young scientists and academicians to enrich the faculty body and to develop cutting edge research approaches in landscape design and planning. We aim to promote interdisciplinary research; and to educate students who will assume leadership roles in academic careers or professional practice, in both the public sector and the private sector. Our graduates are encouraged to have a wide vision as well as a deep specialist expertise in their field; so that they can set international norms in landscape architecture graduate education. Students are encouraged to develop their own research base and participate in national and international level interdisciplinary projects; and always of the basis of creative and critical thinking.

The research areas could be also listed as follows:

Landscape Design, the relation between Architecture and Landscape Architecture; Urban Landscape Planning, Landscape Ecology and Design; Quality in Landscape Architecture; Urban Design and Landscape Design; Ecological Landscape Planning and Design; Natural and Cultural Landscapes; including historic landscape conservation, Landscape Design in degraded lands; derelict land restoration and rehabilitation; Landscape Materials; and Landscape Construction; History and Theory of Landscape Architecture, Computer Aided Landscape Design.


(A) Institut für Städtebau, Landschaftsarchitektur und Entwerfen, TU Wien
(DE) Munich Tech. Uni., University of Stuttgart, University of Applied Sciences Rhein Main, Hochschule Giesenheim
(F) Bordeaux School of Landscape Architecture
(I) University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Bari Polytech
(HU) Cornivus University of Budapest
(LI) Kaunas University of Technology
(N) Norwegian University of Life Sciences, UMB
(NL) Wageningen University
(SL) University of Ljubljana
(UK) Edinburgh College of Art
(US) Clemson University, Louisiana State University, University of Georgia, Penn State University
(NZ) Unitec University
(CH) Huazong University




Project I

Visual Com. I: Visualztn. & Tech. Drawing

Basic Design and Visual Arts

Intro. to Lanscape Arch.

Mathematics I

Elective Course (ITB)

English Course I

Project II

Visual Com. II: Visualztn. & Perspective

Plant Material I

Natural Syst. and Design

His. of Landscape Arch. I

Int. Comp and Inf Systems

English Course II

Project III

Plant Material II

Lanscape Construction I

Theory of Lanscape Arch.

His. of Landscape Arch. II

English Course III

Landscape Design I

Landscape Ecology

Planting Design

Lanscape Construction II

Elective Course (MT)

Landscape Design II

Lanscape Construction III

Introduction to Geo. Info. Syst.


Turkish I*

Elective Course (MT)

Elective Course (ITB)

Landscape Design III

Lanscape Construction IV

Urban Landscape Plan. & Desgn.

Urban Design

Rural Landscape Plannning

Turkish II*

Elective Course (MT)

Landscape Design IV

Landscape Manangement

Atatürk Ilkeleri ve Ink. Tarihi I*

Elective Course (MT)

Elective Course (MT)

Elective Course (ITB)

Graduation Project

Prof.Pract. & Ethics in Land. Arch.

Atatürk Ilkeleri ve Ink. Tarihi II*

Elective Course (MT)

Elective Course (MT)

*Courses taught in Turkish


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